Which Cherry Picker?

A cherry picker is a type of boom lift that provides specialist access and a larger outreach than most other MEWPs.

The height and reach of cherry pickers and trailer-mounted boom lifts usually ranges from 9 metres to 30 metres. There are varying fuel types to choose from, too, such as battery power, bi-fuel, diesel or LPG. The original use for cherry pickers, as the name suggests, was to harvest fruit. A ‘bucket’ attached to an extending boom arm provides height and outreach for an operator to safely work at higher elevation than a ladder allows.

Soon it was applied to many more uses and industries due to its versatility and simplicity, and today you can choose from a wide variety of types, widths, styles, lengths and weights for every possible requirement.

All powered access work platforms are designed with user safety in mind – working at height can be very dangerous, and safety is a primary concern when using an aerial platform. Visit : https://vietnhat.net.vn/xe-nang-dien/ Boom lifts are no exception, especially since they tend to be among the largest machines available to rent or buy. Safety attributes such as side bars, caging, harness points and overhead protection can usually be found on a cherry picker, and are often adaptable to suit different applications. Always check that the machine you are using is suitable for the job you need to perform.

Cherry pickers are used in many different industries, including construction, maintenance and repair, events, tree surgery, telephone and electricity servicing and installation, fire rescue, and even in the entertainment industry – cherry pickers are regularly used on film sets and at music concerts. Their versatility means that they are often the aerial work platform of choice for companies looking to purchase just one, multi-faceted machine that can be used in different ways.

Before you hire or purchase a boom lift, you must have the appropriate training and accreditation to be able to operate your chosen powered access machine. This can be obtained from your aerial platform supplier, and ensures that your operators stay safe and use equipment in the right way. Use of an aerial work platform should not be undertaken without health and safety training and a thorough risk assessment. The dangers of working on a work platform include falling from a dangerous height, or colliding with an overhead obstacle. Regular maintenance of your cherry picker or aerial platform is also essential in order to keep your equipment running safely and productively. Many access suppliers provide this on an annual contract, saving you money whether you’re hiring or buying your platform.

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