What is an Army Jacket?

In view of the wide assortment of conditions that persons in the military endure daily; it is not difficult to see why military gear has to be specially designed to deal with various conditions, and why military clothes must possess additional features not included in the clothes normally available for normal people.

For one thing, military clothes are all a particular array of colors for disguise purposes. Clothes designed for wear in snow will be primarily white, jungle gear will be primarily green, military jackets desert gear will be mostly sand colored, etc. This is to make sure that soldiers blend into their surroundings as much as doable and are not easily noticed by enemy parties.

Besides each uniform worn in the military comes a military jacket intended to be worn along with the uniforms for added security in the various conditions a soldier may go through. All army shirts are fire-resistant and moisture-wicking to evaporate sweat more rapidly thus the jackets worn do not often need any of these traits, instead they possess padded places to avoid bruises and injury, and are light-weight and repellent to dirt to go together with the shirts.

Various parts of the military for example the Navy and Air Force have their specific jacket to handle the different conditions each may endure. In the army there are combat uniforms alongside different jackets covered in permethrin, which functions as an insect repellent to keep insects away, and mandarin collars that can be turned up to guard the neck.

In the Combat set there is also a flame-resistant jacket that is self extinguishing in the event of fire, is lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking. There is also a Gore-Tex parka with 3 layers that are waterproof, windproof and breathable. The Gore-Tex parka has moisture wicking cuffs, and hems, a concealed hood, pockets with hand warmers within them and elbow reinforcements.

There are additionally fleece jackets worn in the army which are made to be breathable, very fast-drying if they get wet, gives exceptional insulation while being lightweight, and with strengthened shoulders, elbows and collars.

Field jackets that are an additional type of military jackets have a concealed hood, a snap-up storm flap, drawstrings around the waist, hood and bottom of the jacket; detachable liners, a Velcro neck closure that lets the collar to be worn up or down, and Velcro cuffs in the sleeves for connecting gloves in colder weather.

Within the Advanced Protective Combat Uniform System there are 5 jackets; the Level III Pullover, the Level IV Windshirt, the Level V Soft Shell Jacket, the Level VI Rain Jacket and the Level VII Insulated Parka.

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