Vons Weekly Ad – Great For Planning Discount Meals

Each Wednesday, Vons begins a new week of sales for customers to enjoy. The Vons weekly ad is clearly sorted by department. This makes it easy for customers to locate the items they need to complete their menu planning for each week. Using the Vons weekly ad to make meal prep easier is a great way to save time and money.

The vast majority of meals in the United States consist of meat, a starch, and a vegetable, regardless of the type of cuisine. Vons weekly ad declares them the “Meat Experts,” so that ad Meal prep UK section is a good place to start when shopping each week. Moreover, since meat is often the most expensive item on any grocery list, it makes sense to build your weekly menu off the items found on sale in the advertisement. There are always many different types of meats and cuts to choose from, something for every budget and taste.

Once you have chosen your meat or seafood, keep looking through the Vons weekly ad to pick out either fresh or frozen vegetables to go with it. The bright colors in the produce section of the ad make it easy to imagine picking them up for your weekly meal planning.

The bakery and grocery sections can help you round out your sale-based meal planning with whichever starches your family prefers. And of course, the bakery section can also help you pick our some sweets to top the whole meal off.

A nice feature of Vons weekly ad, not found in all grocery store ads, is the wine page. Wide varieties of affordable wines are shown and a 10% off discount is offered to customers who choose to buy six or more bottles.

Finally, though, if planning meals for every night seems a little daunting, all you have to do is look at the back page of the Vons weekly ad to get three meal ideas for the week. Each meal is based on sale items that you can find within that ad, making meal planning and saving money possible in just one step.

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