Top 10 Wine Brands in India

Indian people are fond of foodstuffs and drinks. When we consider the drinks, alcoholic hard-core drinks are preferable choice for maximum youngsters. Indians have a discerning taste into alcohol and wines.

Hence, more wine and alcohol brands can make a very long and successful way in the Indian markets. Many brands come up with different type of wines and take lots of efforts to give tough competition to one another.

It takes right aroma and best method to prepare tasty and right wine. So, today we will note down top 10 best wine brands in India that exist in India:

  1. YORK Arros: Being the perfect companion for grilled meat and tandoori roti, YORK Arros wine is one of the best wine brands in India. This is particularly manufactured in Nashik Valley. In order to make this wine unique and tasty, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz Grapes are extensively used and it contains almost 13% of alcohol.


  1. Charosa: Charosa is undoubtedly an amazing and interesting blending of spices and grapes. This is one of the latest wine brands in our country. This is one of the best brands for all the Indian wine lovers. The Charosa wine can be served with the dark chocolates or any cuisines as per the preference.


  1. Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco: Fratelli is an Italian word for brothers and Fratelli Wines is an Indo-Italian mixture wine that possess almost 13.5% of alcohol. This is also one of the most favourite wines for Indian youngsters.


  1. Seagram’a Nine Hills: Seagram’s Nine Hills has become one of the most prominent wine brands that has successfully touched the heights of recognition all over the nation. It has a unique and blending taste of strawberry and cherry. One can intake this wine anytime and with any spicy dish that makes the eve perfect. It is economical and has relishing taste.


  1. Dindori Reserve Shiraz: Next one comes in the list is Dindori Reserve Shiraz. It’s an extravagant wine in India that combines perfectly with lamb and a hard cheese.


  1. Barrique Reserve Shiraz: Barrique Reserve Shiraz is one of the most eminent and lavish wine brands of India. It has beautiful aroma of spices and blackberry. This wine blends well with matured cheese, red meat, mushrooms. It is again economical wine that can be used in the parties and pubs.


  1. Chateau d’Ori Merlot: Specially prepared from Merlot grape, the exotic Chateau d’Ori Merlot is one of the sophisticated wine brands in India. Being stored in the oak barrels, this gives the wine an exotic and wonderful taste as well as aroma. A befitting romantic dine is definitely incomplete without Chateau d’Ori Merlot.


  1. Grover La Reserve: La Reserve is one of the most divine wines of India. This is a ripe organic product used widely in India. Moreover, the profound ruby wine has organic elements and spiciness that makes it flawless.


  1. Rasa Shiraz: Featuring next in the exclusive list of best wine brands prevailing in India is Rasa Shiraz. This vintage red wine is eminent for its original and exclusive aroma and served best with barbecues and several continental dishes.


  1. Chene Grand Reserve: Chene Grand Reserve is a lavish and exotic brand of wine. It has finest aroma and also has alluring taste. It is one of the most expensive wines that prevails in the market and people do prefer to use this wine during their party time.


So, make the most of your parties with exotic range of wines and enjoy the party.

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