Tips On getting Construction Management Company?


There are almost as many construction management companies as there are stars in the sky. Narrowing down your choices can be extremely difficult, especially when you’re starting a building project you’ve never undertaken before. Here are a few helpful ways to qualify your company of choice.

Look Through Their Resume for Similar Projects

If you’re building a school, you want to choose a construction management company that has successfully built a school in the past. You don’t want to make your project someone else’s learning curve. Instead, you want a reliable company that has normal procedures for your type of project down pat. Ask for pictures and completed results from their past projects of the same type so that you can match your needs to their skills.

You do not want workers to get hurt on your job site because onsite injuries cause delays and added costs. Make sure that the company you choose puts safety as a primary concern. Cutting corners is never a positive trait for any type of company, but especially a construction management company. Their reckless decisions could cost lives and you could be the one legally and financially responsible if things go wrong.

Do not be fooled by too low of a bid. Quality work costs money, and if something doesn’t feel right about a company’s bid, there are probably some excluded fees and costs that have not been disclosed. An upfront company will also allow for unexpected costs and make sure there is a contingency fund included. Not only do you want to have an in-depth financial picture of the job, but you should also ask for a detailed timeline of when the work will start and when it will be completed.

Do not only depend on the company’s website. They are going to say all the right things, but whether they have done all the right things in the past is the question you need to answer. You should contact the owners of their latest projects, asking them details such as how long the projects took and if they went significantly over budget. It is up to you to do your homework before selecting a specific company and signing a contract.

What is this company’s ace in the hole? Do they have a specific project specialty? What makes them different than all the other competitors for the bid? The company you choose should deliver on all their promises and offer a superior level of customer service. If you go with a company that has a long record of satisfying their customers, has proven successful in their field, and has long-term partnerships with other reputable companies, you have probably found the firm that is going to be right for you. They should have a legacy that has stood the test of time.

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