Tips in Selecting the Best Organic Argan Oil

Quality of Argan nuts used to produce the oil: Poor quality nuts for example those that are mouldy, old or rotten will certainly reduce the quality of the produced oil.

The purity of the oil: Many producers of this oil mix it with cheap culinary oils in order to make more profit. It isn’t possible to identify pure Argan oil just by the smell, consistency or even colour as it is normally believed. Only highly developed lab test can give irrefutable results.

The means used to produce the oil: hand-presses oil is not proper for cosmetic uses because of the water that is added during the manual pressing of the Argan kernels. The added water creates a perfect environment for the growth of bacteria. Such oils have much shorter shelf-life; only three months.

The smell of the oil: Organic Argan oil with an obviously strong cbd oil for dogs canada smell shouldn’t be used either on the skin or hair.

Decanted oils: Major presence of deposits and sediments reduces the produced Argan oil’s shelf-life and encourages the growth of bacteria.

Deodorized oils: Chemical and steam deodorization are the mostly used methods to get rid of the Argan oil’s smell. These two methods strip this oil of the supposed heath properties making the oil less efficient.

Lightweight: Greasy oil indicates poor quality, dilution or maybe both. One among the vital characteristics of this oil, the one that makes the oil fit cosmetic purpose, is its lightweight.

Proper storage: This oil should be kept in a cool and dark place so as to shield it from light, which might cause its oxidization.

Due to Organic Argan oil’s rising popularity, a great number of skin care corporations are jumping on the oil’s bandwagon. It is definitely a mid-range beauty product, but the concentration and small amount requires help with the cost. In addition, with the skin benefits you have seen, you should definitely ditch every other oil and stick with Organic Argan oil. It is recommended to get a product line which has 100% pure Moroccan Organic Argan Oil if you want to realise the best benefits.

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