The Visa With Multiple Faces

Question: I have tried to come to the United States on different types of visas, but have been denied at each turn. I cannot get a Visitor Visa and do not qualify for an H-1B work visa. I have also been denied the Student Visa. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: The J Visa is very versatile. One can come in on the J Visa for many types of purposes. For example, the J Visa is available for students, professors and research visa consultancy scholars, short-term scholars, trainees, specialists, foreign medical graduates, international and government visitors, teachers, camp counselors and au pairs.

Question: Can you explain in some more detail what is involved with these categories?

Answer: For the students, a J is available for persons going to colleges that have been approved with a J Program. Students under certain conditions are allowed to work.

A trainee is one regarding additional popular uses associated with the J Visa. A trainee as an individual participating in a organised training program performed by the choosing sponsor. The primary objective of the trainee category is to enhance the actual exchange visitor’s skills in his as well as her specialty or even non-specialty occupation by way of participation in a organised training program and to improve the actual participant’s knowledge associated with American techniques, methodologies, as well as expertise. The following areas are available for issuance regarding the J-1 Visa. Arts and culture; information media and communications; education, social sciences; library science, counseling and social services; management, business, commerce and finance; health-related occupations; aviation; the particular sciences, engineering, architecture, mathematics, and industrial occupations; construction and building trades; agriculture, forestry and fishing; public administration and law; and various other occupations as specified by the sponsor.

A J-1 specialist is defined as an individual who is an expert in a field regarding specialized knowledge or perhaps skill coming to the actual United States for observing, consulting, or demonstrating special skills. This category does not include professors, research scholars, short-term scholars, or maybe foreign physicians in training programs. This type regarding J-1 could by used in lieu regarding the particular H-1B.

The au pair program permits foreign nationals to enter the actual United States for up to one year to live with a U.S. host family and participate directly in the home life regarding the particular family while providing limited child care services and attending a U.S. post-secondary educational institution.

Teachers and research scholars may be sponsored as J-1 exchange visitors to engage in investigation, teaching, lecturing, observing, or maybe consulting at research facilities, museums, libraries, post-secondary accredited educational institutions, as well as similar institutions.

Foreign medical graduates sponsored by accredited academic institutions with designated exchange visitor programs may come to the particular United States as exchange visitors for the particular purposes associated with observation, consultation, teaching, or simply research.

Teachers may be sponsored as exchange visitors to teach full-time at accredited primary and also secondary academic institutions.

Secondary school students may come to the actual United States as J exchange visitors for up to one year to study at a U.S. public or even private secondary school, while living with a U.S. host family or perhaps at an accredited U.S. boarding school.150 Participants must pursue a full course regarding study at an accredited academic institution for at least one and not more than two academic semesters.

A camp counselor is an individual selected to be a counselor in a summer camp in the actual United States that imparts skills to American campers and information about his and also her country or perhaps culture. Participation in camp counselor exchange programs is limited to foreign nationals who seem to are at least 18 years old and are bona fide youth workers, students, teachers, as well as individuals with special skills.

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