The Perfect Bottle Sterilizers

Making sure that your baby’s milk bottles are properly sterilized before given to your child is very important. Babies in particular are more prone to getting infections through bacteria and other germs that are usually found at every person’s house. It is important that you use bottle sterilizers daily to clean your baby’s bottles. To make life much easier, Philips has introduced its very own Philips Avent iQ24 Steam Sterilizer which does the job for you.

All you are required to do is place all your baby’s feeding instruments into the Philips Avent iQ24 Steam Sterilizer. The device is known to sterilize all the contents within six minutes. The sterilizer machine has the ability to keep all the contents sterilized for six hours in the first mode or 24 hours in the second mode. The sterilizer is able to hold up to six, 9-ounce natural feeding bottles and works with most other baby bottles.

The great thing about the Philips Avent iQ24 Steam Sterilizer is that it is totally digitalized. It has an electrical countdown which gives an alarm alert when the sterilizing is complete. The other good qualities of the sterilizer are that it is easy to use and portable. Due to the size of the sterilizer, one can easily carry it around without too much hassle. This product has already received a rating of four out of five by all of its purchasers.

So, to sum it up, the Philips Avent iQ24 Steam Sterilizer has two Sterilization Modes, a 6 minute cycle and a 24 hour cycle, audible Alerts and LED display.

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Learn more about the Top Rated Baby Bottle Sterilizer On at Baby Bottle Sterilizer baby-bottle-sterilizer]

There are several reviews of the best baby Bottle Sterilizers from some of the top manufacturers like Philips Avent, Dr. Brown’s and Germ Guardian.


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