silk area rugs for home Australia

Area rugs come in many different designs, styles, and even materials. One of these materials is silk. Silk, as many of us know, is a very precious and expensive material. It is often made into hand woven rugs. Seeing the costly price of silk, it is only natural that silk area rugs cost quite a tidy sum of money. However the look and feel of a silk rug is so attractive that many people often don’t mind paying a high price for such a rug to adorn their homes.

A silk rug is not only expensive and beautiful to look at; it is also a delicate piece of floor covering. A real authentic rug can fetch thousands of dollars. It also needs professional cleaning and can be quite expensive to clean and keep clean. As such, it is not really advisable to use these rugs in high traffic areas, or in areas where they can easily get stained or dirty. A real silk area rug can be placed in places with less traffic like perhaps in your bedroom. Some people even use a large silk area rug as a tapestry and display in on their walls.we have different variety of silk rugs Australia.

How can you choose the best type of silk area rugs for your home? Well, if you want a rug that is made of real silk, then you should definitely place it in areas where it will be prone to less wear. On the other hand if you want an area rug for a more high traffic area around the house, like your living room, dining room or even your entryway, then the answer lies in faux silk rugs.

Get the look of a silk rug without spending a lot of money. Opt for cheap rugs like the faux silk as these can withstand heavy traffic and are more durable than the real thing. You can find these rugs made from synthetic materials like rayon, or made from mercerized cotton. There are even some area rugs that use wool with some artificial silk pile woven into it. These make a great alternative to real silk rugs as they are cheaper, tougher, and can look just as beautiful and stylish.

So, if you want to indulge in luxury and opulence and don’t mind paying a high price, then go ahead and get a real silk rug. However if you just want the look of silk without having to pay a lot of money, then go for a faux silk rug. Both types of rugs can be attractive and magnificent to look at.


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