Sales Funnel And The Idea Behind It

Getting new customers and keeping them are vitally important to the overall success of any business.

Each business sect will have existing practices on how to obtain Customers. But it is important to think outside the box when keeping these customers.

The object that most closely explains or displays how you should envision your Customer experience is a FUNNEL.

It is your job as the business owner to keep potential Customers coming into the top of the funnel. So you need to ensure that you are using multiple streams to keep this top of the funnel full at all times.

So ways that you can keep this funnel flowing is by direct mail, email campaigns, word of mouth referrals, celebrity endorsement etc. But the main thing is to know that you need to have multiple streams of prospective clients coming from different sources to provide a steady flow into this “funnel”.

Once the Customer is in the funnel and has made their first purchase the model suggests that you need to keep them in this funnel. So a format for this could be the “ascension model”.

This ascension model means that it is easy to sell a product at $19.99 price point. But once you prove that the product / service works and the Customer enjoys their experience with you and your company it is time to sell them another product that relates to their original purchase. But this sale is at higher price point. A great product / service would be something that brings in a re-occuring income each month. A great tool for this would be a monthly newsletter or tip sheet. Something that your customer finds useful and won’t mind paying for. Another term could be upsell as well. An upsell is something that provides them with a little more “product” or “little increase in services” that the Customer will not mind paying a premium to obtain. So each step in this ascension model you are building rapport with your customers and proving that you are worth the increased investment.

On the back end of this model you are also building a list that you can continually market to. So you as the business owner you need to continually think of ways that you can market and service this Customer in multiple formats and venues. Some customers prefer to do business through the internet. Other customers might prefer something in print. So ensure that you are not limiting your business by the manner that you are delivering your products or products that you offer.

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