How To Get A Stripper To Meet You Outside The Strip Club

When a stripper gives you her real name she has made a significant investment in you as a person and trusted you with a very personal information about black Strippers . This is crucial to her wanting to go home with you at the end of the night.

Stripper Pick Up Tip 6: Pay for a dance but don’t let her dance.

This is the point where you will really stand out from a lot of her usual clients. What you want to do is pay her for a lap dance and then when she starts to dance, tell her you would like to get to know her better first and sit her down next to you.

Once she is sitting next to you get her to talk about herself, her passions and her interests. Pretty much at this point in time you want to make her feel like she is on a date instead of working, it also shows her that you are more interested in her personality than her body.

Stripper Pick Up Tip 7: Ger her mind off the job.

When you are talking to her, make sure that the topic of conversation never falls onto her job as a stripper.

Your aim is to make her forget that she is at work because this will make her treat you like more of a person rather than a client. Get her talking about things that she is interested in outside of work and encourage her to share by sharing with her some interesting and endearing things about your life.

For instance, you could talk to her about your pet dog, or places that you have traveled to; most girls can relate to topics like these and she is a lot more likely to open up to you if she feels like you have opened up to her, this creates a feeling of a trust and connectivity.

Stripper Pick Up Tip 8: Don’t show any shame.

While you are at the club make sure that you don’t come across as being ashamed of being there.

If a stripper thinks that you are ashamed of being there then you will look like a loser and you will make her feel like she should be ashamed of being there.

Always appear proud of yourself and put the focus on having a good fun time, don’t let anyone think that you believe that you are doing something shameful or immoral by being there. This is a major turn-off for strippers.

Stripper Pick Up Tip 9: Don’t proposition strippers for sex.

If you have a good thing going with a stripper and you think she might be down for some late night debauchery, the worst thing you can do is directly proposition her for sex.

If you do this then she will assume that you think she is a prostitute and she will likely either

A) Get offended that you think she is a prostitute and walk away.


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