Handcrafted Pens

When it comes to choosing a quality handcrafted pen, consider pens offered by local pen makers. They handcraft ball point pens, roller ball pens, pencils and other desk accessories from turned wood. Also, they have been hand turning pens for several years now and offer several different types of pens, pencils and accessories.

Many of the first pens were the slim line styles which have always been popular. Crafters selected the finest and most exotic hardwoods from around the world and the USA to produce excellent handcrafted writing instruments. In addition to hardwoods, they also crafted pens in acrylics, poly resins, antler and laminates. Many pen makers offer their pens in a variety of finishes from a fine cbd vape pen Cobalt Gold to a beautiful chrome and nickel finish as well as the higher end finishes of Platinum and Black Titanium. Many hand turned pencils have a nice click mechanism which is smooth to operate. Other accessories available that also are produced are letter openers usually in either a gold or chrome finish.

The next type of handcrafted pen produced is a Classic line which is composed mostly of ball point pens and one version of roller ball pen. Consumers can check out the entire line of pens produced by wood workers and to determine which of the Classic pens suit your taste by checking their respective websites. Most are relatively slim in feel and utilize a twist mechanism. Also offered is a click cap version as well as a twist and click pencil version. Few also handcraft a ‘Retro’ type pen that reminisces the writing heyday of the mid 20th century. A truly fine pen I’ve only seen available in gold or chrome finishes.

The handcrafted European line of pens fit somewhere between slim pens and larger barreled pens. Many pen makers offers a mini European style which is a smaller version of the regular twist European pen. The European pens that are handcrafted are sleek in design and operate smoothly. All are offered in a variety of finishes from Gold through the higher end Platinum and Black Titanium finishes. All are ball point pens and crafters generally do not offer any of the European line in pencils. I’ve come across letter openers that are hand turned and come in gold or chrome finish.


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