Choosing A Natural Facial Toner For Dry Skin

A natural facial toner can make a huge difference to dry skin, provided it has been formulated with dry skin in mind. That means, for instance, that it will not contain any alcohol. Alcohol is very drying, yet it is included in many skincare products because it is a cheap and effective preservative. Good for a product’s shelf-life; not good for dry skin. Even organic toners that contain organic alcohol are not well-suited to dry skin.

The natural facial toners that I recommend for dry skin are based on hydrosols of herbs and flowers that are created when essential oils kiehl’s calendula toner are distilled. Hydrosols are potent so, again, it is wise to use ones that are suited to dry skin, such as witch hazel, widely revered as a beautifier of mature skin, and rose water, an ideal toner for drier skin. Other ingredients to look for in a facial toner include green tea extract, apple cider, and mint vinegar.

Toners work by causing the pores to contract and flush out dirt and debris. The contraction is caused by the astringents in the toner, and results in the skin looking and feeling smoother. In addition, the smaller pores are better able to resist bacteria and irritants, resulting in fewer eruptions. So, aside from the immediate benefits of better-looking and smoother-feeling skin, a good toner supports healthier skin, less prone to breakouts. Hydrosols are also packed with antioxidants that can reduce the impact of environmental damage to the skin.

The best time to use a toner is right after cleansing. The toner will take off any residue left behind by your cleanser. You can use a cotton ball to put the toner all over your face, and then let it dry, without using a towel. Once it dries, you are ready for your moisturizer. I use a toner in this way every morning and evening.

There may be some tingling when you use a toner that contains hydrosols. That’s fine, so long as the tingling is slight and persists for only a few minutes. Just because hydrofoils are water solutions does not mean that they are weak!

Plants contain complex chemicals that we are only beginning to understand, yet laboratories attempt to identify the “active” ingredient in a plant and then create an isolated version of it that can be used to manufacture cheaper products. In my view, this serves an economic agenda, not the best interests of my skin. I recommend an all natural facial toner with organic ingredients that have had the minimum amount of processing, so that the potency of the whole chemical structure of the plants is as fully-available as possible.

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